The Difference – District 4


The DuPage County Difference

DuPage County is one of the best places to live in Illinois. Under Republican leadership, the county promotes:

#1 Safe Schools & Streets 🚓 – Our neighborhoods and schools are consistently ranked as some of the safest in the country. Public safety is a top priority for all residents.

#2 Effective Government 🔧 – The county has an AAA bond rating and is business friendly. We lead the state in consolidating local government bodies that are no longer efficient.

#3 Low Taxes 💰 – Property tax rates from the county have not been raised in over a decade. We look for ways to cut taxes, not create new ones like the Cook County pop tax.

Who Makes the DuPage County Difference

Countywide Officials

Dan Cronin for Chairman

Paul Hinds for Clerk

County Board District 4

Grant Eckhoff for County Board Member

Forest Preserve Board

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 8.08.09 PM
Joseph Cantore for Forest Preserve President

18th Judicial Circuit Court

Jeff MacKay for Judge

Click here for your ballot and polling place.

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