Candidate Petitions for 2020 Ballot


Our candidates fight for conservative principles every day and now they need our help to get on the ballot. Collect signatures from your network.

Here are the petitions that we have so far from our candidates:

Countywide Candidates
Bob Berlin for State’s Attorney
Chris Kachiroubas for Court Clerk
Rich Jorgensen for Coroner
Bob Grogan for Auditor
Jeffrey Mack for Auditor
Babette Holder for Recorder 
Ron Almiron for Recorder

Judicial Candidates
Ann Celine Walsh for Judge
Monique O’Toole for Judge
James McCluskey for Judge
Richard Felice for Judge
John Pcolinski for Judge
Greg Abbott for Judge
Rick Veenstra for Judge

State Legislative Candidates
Jim Durkin for State House 82
Deanne Mazzochi for State House 47
Grant Wehrli for State House 41
Amy Grant for State House 42
Randy Ramey for State House 45
Peter Breen for State House 48
Laura Curtis for State House 49
Laura Hois for State House 81
Jeanette Ward for State Senate 25
Brian Bierly for State Senate 43

County Board Candidates
Donald Puchalski for Dist. 1
Sean Noonan for Dist. 2
Tim Elliott for Dist. 4
Kevin Coyne for Dist. 5
Bob Larsen for Dist. 6

Forest Preserve Candidates
Karen Kelly for Dist. 2
Tim Whelan for Dist. 4
Carl Schultz for Dist. 5

U.S. House Candidates
Jay Kinzler for Congress IL6
Jeanne Ives for Congress IL6 (instructions)
Ron Wallace for Congress IL8
Krishna Bansal for Congress IL11 (instructions)
Sue Rezin for Congress IL14
Ted Gradel for Congress IL14 (instructions)
Jim Oberweis for Congress IL14 (instructions)
James Marter for Congress IL 14 (instructions)

U.S. Senate Candidates
Mark Curran for Senate
Peggy Hubbard for Senate

U.S. Presidential Candidate
Donald J. Trump for President    (Do not fill in the blank spaces at the top of the form)
3rd District Delegates
6th District Delegates
11th District Delegates
14th District Delegates



Please print the petition sheets that are accessible in the above links and get signatures from your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. For countywide and judge candidates, signees have to live within DuPage. Only voters who reside in the congressional, legislative, and county board districts can sign for those candidates.

It’s 10 to 15 signatures per page, so help fill out a sheet, or two, or more. Any assistance for this petition drive will go a long way! Circulation period is from Sept. 3 to Nov. 25.

Please mail completed, notarized petitions to P.O. Box 893, Wheaton, IL 60187, your local Republican township organization, or the candidate’s campaign office.

We are in the process of collecting more petitions from additional candidates, which will be posted on this web page.