Lincoln Day Dinner 2018 with Commr Bush and Gov Rauner



Date: June 6, 2018
Contact: 630-435-6340, info@dupagegop.org

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush keynotes Lincoln Day Dinner
Rising Republican star delivers address to volunteers, committeemen, and elected officials

OAK BROOK—The DuPage County Republican Party released the following statement after its annual Lincoln Day Dinner event with Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush at the Oak Brook Marriott Hotel.

“After over 500 people attended our Lincoln Day Dinner, there’s little doubt that local conservatives here in our county are energized for the upcoming campaign,” said DuPage GOP Chairman Brian Krajewski. “We’re ready to fully support our candidates from the top of the ticket to the bottom.”

For this year’s event, Commissioner Bush delivered the keynote address to voters, volunteers, candidates, and elected officials in attendance. Governor Bruce Rauner also addressed the enthusiastic crowd.

“Governor Rauner and Commissioner Bush gave invigorating speeches that really brought to focus what is at stake this fall,” Chairman Krajewski said. “We can either help Rauner enact reforms like Texas and our Midwest neighbors or relapse to one-party rule under Madigan and Pritzker. The choice is clear.”

As a member of the Bush family, Commissioner Bush has been involved in national politics from an early age and has led young professionals coalition building across the country. Since winning his statewide campaign in 2014, Bush has focused on protecting Texan coastlines, historical sites, and private property rights. Bush previously served in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and practiced real estate law.

All proceeds of the event will go towards the party’s efforts to win campaigns in DuPage County.


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