Let Us Re-Dedicate Ourselves to the Vitality and Future of This Country

Let Us Re-Dedicate Ourselves to the Vitality and Future of This Country

At this moment, we face a challenge.  We have less than 200 days to the general election. We have these days to increase our individual and organizational capacity and creativity. These days to register new voters, engage our neighbors in new and different ways, to have the courageous conversations about what really matters to us, our families, communities, and the future of this great nation.  These days to walk our precincts, to expand our ranks, to do more outreach, to get out the vote, to fill our Victory Centers, to get every single one of our Republican candidates elected, from the top of the ticket on down.

Yes, we will not like some of the challenges before us. We have contested races. We will not like some of the things said about our Party or our candidates. But, you and I know that we enrich our own lives as we engage in this purposeful work of citizenship and the work of the Republican Party. Our work, the work of our Party, is the work of optimism, creativity, enthusiasm, and leaving a better way of life for the next generation and the next.

I challenge each of you to accept the responsibility of rededicating yourself to the very principles of what makes this country great…. integrity, industry, and responsibility. Will you accept this challenge? For what will happen if we don’t step up to the plate? The very vitality and the future of this county depend upon our getting our Republican candidates elected and stopping the Democrats. I know you have the courage, greatness of heart, and the political will to get the job done.

— Darlene Ruscitti, DuPage County Republic Party Chairman

Excerpts from a speech given to the DuPage County Republican Convention, April 18, 2012
Darlene Ruscitti was elected as the new chair of the DuPage County Republican Central Committee at the convention.